As I hope you know, we consider your company a valued part of our team as we together provide service to our Association clients. 

After considerable thought, we’re happy to introduce an inexpensive Vendor Certification Compliance Program that allows us to present your company to our associations and board members with confidence. The certification process confirms that you have the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage for us to recommend you as a South Coast Certified Service Vendor Provider. There is a small risk-management processing fee of $99 per year that is required. If your company fails to be compliant it may be removed from our list of approved South Coast Property Management Service Providers.

South Coast Property Management is now requiring that all service providers register for this program for verifying that your relevant insurance and licensing meet ALL management company and homeowner association requirements.

To insure the process is easy and efficient we have entered into an agreement with Association Services Network (ASN) which will provide the needed administrative support we believe is required in continuing to fulfill our role as the managing agent for each of our clients. For you this means that becoming compliant is extremely important and requires your immediate attention.

Scott D. Smith, CCAM
Principal, South Coast Property Management

Vendor Certification Program
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